Ultimate LG PuriCare Dehumidifier Review

Ultimate LG PuriCare Dehumidifier Review

LG High Efficiency PuriCare Black 70-Pint Dehumidifier








Smart Features



  • Safest on the Market
  • Beautiful Form Factor
  • Washable Filter
  • Works Well in Low Temps
  • Continuous Drain Available


  • Compressor can be loud when running
  • Hose attachment can be finicky

Everyone here at Just Home Tech’s current obsession is the LG PuriCare line of dehumidifiers. We strongly believe that LG has made arguably the most innovate dehumidifiers we’ve seen in a long time. We just had to review the LG High Efficiency PuriCare 70-Pint (in the black color of course! It’s a rare color for a dehumidifier!)


The LG PuriCare High Efficiency Dehumidifier comes in 2 different tank sizes, 50 Pints and 70 Pints. The 50 Pint model is difficult to find in stores, and is missing certain features such as continuous drain. Finally, it actually is more expensive than the 70 Pint model at most retailers. We therefore recommend the 70-Pint Configuration.

Model Numbers We Recommend

Is it the Safest Dehumidifier Ever?

LG years ago had some bad press due to safety issues and recalls with their previous line of dehumidifiers. They took that mistake in stride, and made what are by far the safest humidifiers on the market.

Build Quality and Design of the PuriCare

The LG PuriCare is fully made with metal. Even the PCB Circuit Boards are coated in it! The reason why, is that if it was to for some reason catch on fire, the fire would be almost fully contained within the shell of the dehumidifier itself. The #1 danger of dehumidifiers is fire, so this is a really nice enhancement which not only is safer, but makes the LG dehumidifier look and feel more modern.

Additionally, all of the cabling and other internal components are coated with 3 layers of insulation, in order to protect them even further from fire risk. You may consider this overkill, but LG realized that safety is at the top of a lot of people’s minds, especially if they have children or pets that may be unsupervised around the humidifier.

Finally, the automatic “Safety Standby” is a really ingenious feature. Most dehumidifier fires occur when one has been running for multiple days straight, without ever shutting off. The LG PuriCare, unlike other dehumidifiers on the market, fully turn itself off every 23 hours of run-time, even if the humidity is still above the target set. This allows the internal components time to cool, and can save lives. This additionally can help save energy, and so it can help the environment and your power bill!

Due to it’s beautiful and safe design, it won’t look out of place even in the most modern home. That’s hard to say about most dehumidifiers, as they are generally bland, white, and plastic.

Power Level of the PuriCare Compared

How does the power level of this LG Dehumidifier compare to others in its price range? I believe it performs better than most high-end & well reviewed dehumidifiers in its price range. I can’t imagine going wrong with the LG PuriCare over any other dehumidifier. If you just want a general dehumidifier for a medium to large sized room, this is a perfect fit for you. If you require a hose connection, I may choose another one for now, as the current model is rather finicky when it comes to hose connections. We had no issues with our unit, but not everyone seems to be as lucky.

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