What is the Best Dehumidifier for Florida?

What is the Best Dehumidifier for Florida?

Florida seasons all have one thing in common — they’re HUMID! Especially when summer rolls around. Year round, Florida homes are affected by SEVERE humidity. The best way to deal with humidity in Florida is with a dehumidifier. We’ll walk through together what the best dehumidifier for Florida is, as Florida has a unique climate which needs a different lens to look at dehumidifiers with.

Having a high level of humidity in your home can cause all sorts of nasty problems, such as mold growth. We’ll walk you through all the different options you have for your Florida home to combat humidity.

Do You Need a Dehumidifier in Florida?

Sometimes, even in Florida, you might not even need a dehumidifier. A common way for humidity to plague your home is because a homeowner doesn’t ensure that their bathroom fan is running while they take a shower. Additionally, leaving your range fan on while cooking can help. Though, in Florida, sometimes these can only do so much to combat the insane humidity we are accustomed to here, so you may need to look into a dehumidifier.

Also, leaving your AC Fan running 24/7 can cause an increase in humidity… not to mention your electric bill! Try to keep it on “Auto.”

The Cure for Florida’s Humidity

There’s essentially just one way to ensure your home is within an acceptable range of humidity — a dehumidifier. There are so many dehumidifiers on the market, and quite frankly, not all of them are great. You need to tailor a dehumidifier for the space it is in, and the amount of moisture. That’s why it’s important to not look at what the best dehumidifier is, but what is the best dehumidifier for Florida. Below are categories, and our pick and reasoning for why it’s the top pick.

Best Dehumidifiers for Florida

Best Overall: Midea MAD50C1ZWS

The Midea MAD50C1ZWS is an absolute workhorse, and should not have any issues dealing with even the most humid Florida bathroom.

What is the Best Dehumidifier for Florida?


  • Massive 70 Pint tank
  • 50 Pint DOE
  • Reusable Filter


  • Rather noisy at 50db

Our Opinion:

Midea is a relatively new to the US market, but have dominated Asia for years with extremely affordable home appliances. Additionally, Midea is the world’s largest producer of appliances, so it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing.

For the price, there’s not really a comparable system in this price range. This is for most people the best dehumidifier for Florida Though, if noise or size is an issue, and you don’t have extreme humidity and think you can be better served by a smaller system, this one isn’t for you.

Best Small Form Factor: Pure Enrichment PureDry Deluxe

With an amazing amount of power in such a small form factor, it’s hard to go wrong with this as a choice. Provided you’re trying to lower the humidity of a small space, of course.

Pure is one of the best dehumidifiers for Florida


  • Super Tiny! It would fit on a bathroom sink’s countertop
  • Extremely quiet
  • Easy to see water tank gauge for its 1.5L tank
  • 5 Year Warranty


  • Limited capacity and DOE, works best for a small room

Our Opinion:

If you’re tight on space in a humid room, this one is most likely the best for you. It’s small enough to fit on a countertop, yet can pack a punch for its weight-class.

For its size, there’s not a comparable system. However, if space isn’t an issue, or you have a very large humid room, you may be better served by another system.

Best Budget: SEAVON 2200

The SEAVON 2200 is a great mid-sized dehumidifier, with a decent sized tank, and is relatively quiet. As with most budget dehumidifiers the size of the room is a very important factor.

Seavon is one of the best dehumidifiers for Florida


  • Extremely cheap
  • Quiet, about 30dB of noise
  • 2L water tank
  • LCD Screen


  • Rather large for amount of power and tank size
  • In a large room, it may not have a measurable effect

Our Opinion:

If you’re trying to save money, this is most likely your best option. I would only buy something in this price range for a small closet or bathroom, as in a larger room, the effect would be negligible .

That said, in the <$100 price range, this is one of the only dehumidifiers I’d consider to be useful for a room in Florida.

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